Gaming can be an expensive hobby and when it comes to playing casino, it is a pretty expensive one. All big casinos have hefty charges and lesser payback percentages than the online web-based casinos. Online casinos don’t require huge investments and it costs them practically nothing to generate another table online as the number of player increases.

Some of the best online casinos’ sites also pay heavy fees to independent audit companies like eCogra, to get the certificate that the casinos are appropriately generating random numbers and nothing is pre-programmed. These Random Generated Numbers (RGNs) are then converted to short, spin or a roulette ball, depending on the game.


Almost all of these online casinos give their software for free and you can install it on your computers/mobiles. They require some technical specifications that almost all PCs/mobiles have. Many of these websites make money from the advertisements that appear on the sides of the screen while you play or, if you’re playing with real money, they take a small payback or ‘cashin fees’. The very best of the companies is that you have good Customer e-Service as well which are available 24×7. This has build trust among the online players too.

These companies have come up with new and exciting offers like the new player offer, the referral offer and monthly/festival offer that give you ‘No Deposit’ bonus, free spins, free starting money from $5 to $50 on your sign-up. With so many free online casino sites and no deposit bonuses on every site in this festive season, it has become practically very plausible that you win on at least one of these sites that too for free, investing only your deposit money. It is however recommended that you go through the site’s policies too so that you don’t get sad to find out something unpleasant afterwards.

There are many benefits that online casinos have over the real ones:

  • Convenience and accessibility: The best thing about online casinos is that it doesn’t take time for them to open up; you can open them on the click of your fingers – anytime, anywhere and everywhere! You can have fun or practice whenever you get time.
  • More games and more fun: Online casinos have more games and more players than any real casino. They come up with more new and exciting games that are difficult to find in the real casinos.
  • Trustworthiness: Unlike what most people would think, these casinos have are trustworthy for the fact that they’re completely computer-bases and the spin-wheels and the slot-machines are not at all crooked, which might not be the case with the old-timely mechanical based real spin machines. And just like you, there are many random players against you that mostly don’t know each other and hence, if you are playing card games where you might get duped if your opponents were using malpractices, playing online is safer!
  • Strategy building: Since you are playing online, you play well and with confidence in the comfort of your couch. It is easier for you to strategise and concentrate on your next move which is also good for your brain because here, you’re learning something new, calculating in the real scenario and concentrating – everything that is good for your brain.

There was a time, where playing casinos were only for ‘the rich and the famous’, now the time has changed. More and more people are now joining the community of online casino players. And the best part is you can do it for free, just by betting on the bonus money you receive while you register.

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