Yes, the site is best as it saves a lot of time and the player feels comfortable with the site. The online gambling sites are many and they come with many different features making it difficult for a player to really trust any site or game but however, there are is this great site as pokerqq where once can try his or her chances. Many such games are available on the site, poker is one such famous.

Basic terms for hand (card) ranking:

  • A straight flush which is a sequence from the same suit like 9,8,7,6.
  • There can be four cards of the same value popularly known as four of a kind.
  • A full house meaning a player has three of a kind cards and the other one a pair card.
  • A Flush with having every card as same suit card.
  • A Straight referred to the sequence like 7-6-5-4
  • Three of a kind where there are three cards with the same value
  • The Two pairs example 8-8 or 9-9
  • A Pair example 3-3
  • A high card meaning that one has the highest card.


It is, however, difficult to remember hand rankings at first. 

Myths that exists with online poker:

There is a myth which exists in the poker that player feel that a straight can usually beat flush but it is important to remember that one suit is stronger than a normal sequence.

With two pairs you will be able to beat three of a kind, a player would definitely want three aces in hand rather having two aces or one king.

How to place the right bet:

Each player uses a different kind of techniques to place his or her bet in the game. Many old gamblers are always waiting to trick other gamblers using their unique techniques of playing smart in the game. They might place small bets which eventually forces the other player to either raise the bet or call it for a fold. There are many bluffing techniques and one requires to keep raising the bet slowly if you have the great hand and the other needs you to call fold if you are having a weak hand. In case a player feels that the opponent is having weak cards, he or she should bet strong enough to plan your win based on a flop.

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