Are you amused by the various lottery games online? Well, here is an opportunity that brings to an amazing lottery game that is known by the name of Euromillions. Played across various nine different European countries, Euromillions is a lottery that allows the users to win numerous lottery jackpots in fraction of minutes. You are definitely going to love it if you love the gambling and online casino games; this is something that will create a shortcut for your win and gateway to be rich.

The draws in the Euro millions usually takes place on two specific days that are Tuesday and Friday and mostly on the evenings,. It holds a guarantee for a minimum jackpot price of about euro 15 million which can rise up to an impressive prize amount of about Euro 190 million. One can also play the exclusive free lottery without getting into the risk of losing any money.

 Now, if you are novice to the game, then you need to about the terms and conditions of the game and the rules that need to be followed while playing it. Thus, we bring to you a short summary on how to play the lottery of Euromillions online and win prizes in a moment.


How to play Euromiilions?

  • Firstly, the player has to pick five numbers from the digits 1 to 50 slot and then from the digits of 1 to 11, select two lucky stars.
  • If you don’t want to choose from your numbers then there is an alternative of opting for the random number, you just need to click on the random number generator tab and random set of numbers will be automatically generated in order to be used in the game.
  • You need to open an account and then Euromillions pay slip need to be completed with the chosen numbers through which you need to play.
  • Take a pick of the number of specific draws in which you need to participate.
  • Per transaction you can prefer to play between the 3rd and 5th line using your ticket numbers or by the facility of Quick Pick for the numbers that were randomly generated.
  • Chose the draws that desire to enter and play and in case of more than one draw, some discounts are also available.
  • Up to 52 draws in advance, the tickets can be bought easily and then click on the play tab.
  • To complete the registration, enter some of your details and pay for the tickets of the game.
  • You can enjoy playing the game and win exciting prizes.

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