All the famous online poker rooms use a limited number of software providers. This means that even competitive poker rooms can make use of the same program and hence will appear really identical. But no matter what their differences are, there’s a wide range of features you’ll find at the best top real money online poker sites.

Graphics Quality.

While graphics are like an ornament on the secure software’s structure, it’s a good way for a poker room to show players the take the game very seriously. The best online poker room is equipped with the cleanest and fastest graphics that easily and smoothly load. Pixelated and dated graphics will make players doubt the safety of the system that doesn’t appear to be well-updated by owners. The ability to customize your deck and avatar is common; however usually, not something the most experienced players look forward to.


When it comes to the preferences on graphics, this will depend on your demands. Some will pick a background with rich colors, whereas others can prefer a more Vegas-style graphics that are interesting and vibrant. No matter what the color scheme is, no top online poker site is going to invest in outdated and cheap graphics. They want to attract players to stay in the game of hours to play, be comfortable, and relax. This is the same reasons why different casinos use garish designs – to attract players to focus on the game’s environment.

Play and Animation Speed.

The best poker sites attract a wide range of players. The casual ones who enjoy the fun will love the detailed animation of the best poker rooms. Many of them are now equipped with the 3D option, which attracts players in playing the game for hours. This provides them the illusion that they’re sitting at the table – right in their flats. But, more dedicated players will enjoy the higher speeds available. There are players who play real money poker as the main source of their income, using the wide range of games they find in these sites. They don’t have the patience for a game that times out and lags or for animations that deal hands in a slow manner – especially when they’re playing numerous hands at the same moment!

Table Tools.

Online poker players are at the peak of comfort. They could play from the comfort of their own flats or a place that has a wireless internet and computer. On a wireless connection on their computer, they can enjoy their favorite games. The best online poker sites offer them a wide range of tools to make the game more convenient.

With only a few software providers dominating the market, it’s easier to see how many sites are so identical. Nearly all poker sites will provide a promotion, bonus, and point scheme to attract players. But, dedicated players are interested in the best quality available.

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