Slot games are very famous games in casino; more income on casinos depends upon the slot machine, to start this game one need to insert the money. Every machine has attached money detector only valid amount allow us to play the game, cheating is impossible. In United Kingdom the slot machine games are totally legal it comes under Gambling Act 2005, the casinos build under this act can have large number of slot machines apparently fifty to hundred machines are allowed under this act.

The real fun starts when you choose the suitable game

Sloths are not only suitable for land based casinos, even in online many enjoy this type of games there are few different category comes under sloths. The kiss slot machine is a video based game one can play in online without downloading; the kiss is a popular rock and roll band name, this is especially for rock and roll fans. This has five reel sloths one can bet maximum till 40 credits totally all reel has a 100 pay lines, kiss sloth which is the one and only sloth game that have colossal reels.


Space between machines gives us look exactly like a stage with all lighting effects just look like concerts stages. Not real music band players are going to play during game but players going to create the music show by their own, the good show will get more reward every image on the game is based on real kiss band members. Their individual, group pictures are the symbol for kiss sloth game, players can chose their favorite person by changing the settings.

This game gives good fun and entertainment just like other sloth games; we can also play kiss sloth machine game for real money. The betting amount will be in between 5 to 10 dollars but bet amount truly depend on the pay line and maximum one can bet till 200 dollars. Winning amount can be extend till 2000 dollars most people choose Gene Simmons image only.

The bet amount and other settings can be adjusted by using screen, wild symbol and scatter symbol increase the winning percentage. For the beginners who don’t have much knowledge about rules and regulations for this game can learn more about it by using auto play button. The payout percentage is 95.01% only here players can claim higher payout.

Just like other games even here there are many exciting bonus offers are included, totally three types of bonus symbol you need to get on your screen while reeling only then player can enjoy the bonus,  single- player and multi-players are possible only selected countries kiss sloth games are available.


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