Fan of online poker games? Here’s a treat for your hunger, a game known as Double Down Casino is just the thing for you. It is online video poker game. It is a non-gambling game and it does not deal with real cash. The game does not provide any real cash rewards, it only deals with virtual currency. When you enter your login details in the game for the first time and start playing, they provide you with one million casino chips to begin with. These chips are available only for the users which have logged in through Facebook. The game is available as web application through Facebook and as mobile application through Google Play Store and Apple Store. The mobile application requires Facebook login.

Double Down Casino Promo Codes

Double Down Casino Promo Codes

Double Down Casino Promo Codes are released every day by the social media fan pages. You can access these codes very easily. When you are running out of chips, then you can simply access these pages and use the Double Down Casino Promo codes. You just have to enter the promo codes and chips will be transferred to your account. With these new chips in your account, you can access all the features of the game. There are basically six sections in the game: Blackjack, poker, Roulette, Bingo, Slots and video Poker. Play them all and enjoy these services. visit here for addtional details

Save yourself from the scam

There are many social media pages which promise to provide you Double Down Casino Promo Codes which will give you huge amounts of chips at once. But they are just scam. There is no such page which provides you 100 million casino chips for free. Those scam pages claim to provide you with astounding rewards by simply answering questionnaire. Or they might even ask you to download some software which might be containing some malicious content. It might even be malware and harm the files on your desktop and read or access your data. The official page for Double Down casino has nearly seven million likes and the page has blue verified badge mark. If you open any Double Down Casino page for Double Down Casino Promo Codes, check for the blue verified badge mark. If any of the pages, force you to like or comment or share the page among your friends, it simply falls under the category of spam.

Do not access such pages. Just enjoy your game.

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