Gambling fans can’t ignore the exciting game of capsa susun, popularly called Chinese poker or Remi card game. This game is played by four players at a time with a single pack of cards giving 13 cards to each player. It is a very fast and fascinating game and very convenient to play using online game websites than at local casinos.

Rules of the game in simple words

This game of capsa uses the standard 52 card pack without any joker cards. The game deals thirteen cards to each player and gives one minute time for the player to arrange their cards. Arrangement of cards is a key step in this game. Players arrange cards in three sets or rows, first set of three highest cards, second set of five medium grade cards and third set of five least cards. The lowest card is number 2 and highest card is A. Once the players complete arranging cards, based on the sequence of cards, player having the strongest set of cards is the winner.

Betting options in the game

One of the players becomes banker or bandar of the game and should have a higher level of points to start the game. For a player, smaller points or units is enough to start playing the game. The game can also be played with two players, one being banker. Winners among banker and players have the best set of cards after arrangement. Betting is either through player vs player or player vs banker options. Luck plays a larger share in the winning of this game as well as the quick thinking from player. The best arrangement of cards they can do within the provided one minute time determines their luck in the game.

Best features of capsa poker game

Capsa arrangement is a very simple game with few clear rules and the game demands little playtime. Hence players can fit this in their short breaks.  Even beginner level players are familiar with the card structure and can easily win in this game. There are several royalties such as having exactly three same cards called tris that make game more interesting and fun for players. Because of its simple and less time consuming nature, it is played as a side game by many gamblers for a quick search of luck and trying your hand in this simple poker game will be a great experience.

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