Nowadays, the women also play the casino game in the online sites and require less gambling. Many women play casino game wonderful with their partners and leave the casino as soon as hit the jackpot. The lucky lady slot machine game is introduced by the novomatic company and it is considered as the free slot machine game with five reels and nine pay lines. The theme of this game is very charm and the reels are filled with the items. It is possible for you to stake from one to one hundred credits for each line. This is the reason to put the bet can reach the credits per spin. This type of game also provides the free spin option to you and also contains the special symbols. The paid combination of this game consists of same symbols that are to reach the starting from the first left reel. Moreover, the symbols are located on the active lines in the game. The amount of winning is calculated by the bet per line and multiplied by the combination index. Each symbol of the game requires special rules and regulation of the game. You can play the game in the gambling features.

The unique charm of the game:

The symbols like the rabbit’s foot, ladybird, the golden coin, horseshoe and four leaf clover. This type of game also requires the special symbols. The lowest winning payout in this game is nine symbols that will win the double bet per line. The lucky lady is the wild symbol in the game and you place the double bet for the game-winning purpose. The slot review determines the flow of payout in this type of game. The crystal ball is the scatter symbol in this game and you can need the two reels for the winning purpose and score the points in a simple manner. The quantity of the active lines can be selected by the special button in the game. After winning the stage, you can get the additional welcome bonus free games with the 3x multiplier. You can select the automatic game mode to play the game in a perfect way.

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