When you are engaging in online gambling, your worst nightmare would become a victim of fake online casino games. That would possibly the worst thing to happen to a gambler who happened to be unwittingly playing at a suspicious rogue casino betting site.

However, the biggest question would be, how will an average online gambler distinguish the real online casino games from the fake ones? And if so, what are the signs we should be looking at to determine if it is a fake online casino game or not? In this article, let us discuss the important tips to distinguish real online casino games or situs slot from the fake ones to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of it.

We prepared all the handy tips that you need to become not just vigilant to avoid fake, rogue online slot game sites and possibly share this to your relatives and friends who are also fond in playing this enjoyable online form of gambling.

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  1. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN- Most of the time, we ignore the signs of fake sites because of its enticing offers lest we ignore the signs of it being fake. Keep your eyes peeled and always be suspicious all the time. Despite the claims of popular casino sites that they follow certain security standards they still have lapses or lack of security measures that make them vulnerable to threats that may breach their system and jeopardize their clients’ information. If you have a gut feeling if there is something that is not right with the site that you visited, trust your gut feeling, close that site right away before you divulge any information of yours.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE LOADING SCREEN- This is pretty easy to notice, especially if you have played tons of online slot games. If you notice something peculiar or unusual in the loading screen of the slot game, it means that its software is either defective or fraudulent. Most reputable slot games featured in trusted online casino sites have almost the same loading screens so it is very easy to notice the unusual loading screen that makes it a fake online slot game especially if it is brand new and loaded with advertisements that are irrelevant with the content of the site.
  3. CHECK THE RULES AND PAYTABLE- Most of the time, fake online slots always come with a different set of rules and gameplay making it very confusing for most online slot gamers. It also has its own different paytable which also creates confusion to online slot gamers. The fake online slot operators intended to create confusion to their unknowing victims in the middle of the game so that they will have little to no chance of betting in their favour or winning in the game. Again, real and genuine online slot games have the same format of gameplay, paytable and function.
  4. DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY- Although genuine online slot games have similar gameplays, fake online slots, have now innovated by copying the gameplay of the genuine online slots that is why you should familiarize the gameplay of the genuine online slot games in order for you to catch the fake ones. One of the most common signs that the slot game is fake is having glitch during the gameplay with low-quality graphics and animation.

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