Alpha88 is an online gambling site and very famous in among Thai people and in on top among Asian gaming sites. One can bet through a variety of games from sports, online games, lottery, slots, and casinos which are live and real time.

Alpha88 attracts their customers through promotion, bonus and no mediator agent to divide profit. As a member can bet directly on whatever game he or she wants to.  It is convenient as it can be played through laptop or computer or mobile, which make it more popular among people who want to play while waiting in a queue or sitting idle in train or bus or waiting for someone or stuck in traffic jam. It also lets their customer bet for free without actually depositing their hard-earned money. A member can earn through referral policy as by referring to someone which can be friends or relatives or neighbours or colleagues or some acquaintances and then earn commission from their winning bets which can be up to 40%.

Variety of betting options available on Alpha88:

  • Sports: One Works where user can bet very easily and also can have easy wins and have options to match their bets so as to choose according to their betting amount , SB where user can experience betting in variety of style like as in European style or Asian style, CMD where user can experience life and real-time betting while watching the matches live on their screen so that he or she can bet accordingly as per their knowledge and prediction regarding matches,
  • Casino: PT casino where user can earn money up to 0.5% of their bets each single day and it is also very popular casino among people, GPI Casino where user can experience a casino with different angle with elegant, upscale and cinematic theme, MGS Casino, where user can experience casinos with live and real-time betting and dealers who are both beautiful and young.
  • Online lottery: Thai Lottery online where user can bet money on lottery just like buying lottery tickets but here he or she can place bet from 2 to 91 times from any place and at any time, Dimond, where user can experience winning faster and maximum times he or she can win, is 751, Ruby where user can experience winning with only 3 characters and 2 lottos, Saphire where user can place bet after 3 minutes of interval from any place and at any time.
  • Some other varieties of games include Slot: PT, QT, GPI, MGS, PNG, PP, ISB, TTG, GSPOT. And Game: Rock-paper-Scissors, Cash Fish, PK10, Millionaire Ladder, Super Bull, Lottery: Keno, W Keno, Super Lotto, Sylottery.

It can be said that online gambling is popular nowadays due to its conveniences among people where they don’t have to leave their comfort zones or even go can bet whenever they want to make something of their times and earn at the same time. And the suspense of winning or losing while betting is most excited.

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